The citizen data scientist platform is a collaborative and automated Machine Learning platform that powers data processing, strong predictive models, self-service analytics and deployment of packaged AI applications in a unique monitored Store. 


The STUDIO is destined for data scientists, analysts and developers that need to make predictive modelizations but are not experts at doing it. 

Connect, create, learn, analyze and predict ! 

Democratizing AI step by step, success by success.

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Connect to a wide range of datasources, create, develop, analyze all your predictive models faster. Deploy all your projects with the simple click of a button

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The AI STORE is a marketplace where smart applications and packaged machine learning components are deployed. Business users can easily analyse and consume all results coming from deployed models. Usually, most datascience projects are under trouble when they need to go on production ;  with AI Store they are immediately fully available in run mode with all drift analysis, life cycle management and industrialization constraints under control. 

The AI Store simplifies and solves all stages of production so that business users can easily consume accurate and well-managed results under smart applications. 

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Centralize and manage all your Data Science projects in a unique collaborative platform and help every collaborator focus on high-value tasks.

Make your business data-driven by adding predictive intelligence to all your operations. Create vertical and user friendly applications based on predictive models built in the Studio.

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"Thanks to, Crédit Foncier has built a predictive and prescriptive tool to provide a customized and sustainable solution to our customers during loan recovery context. The automatization of some tasks has been a key element of success and has enabled our employees to develop their skills."

Anne Cornet - Customer Service Executive Director of Crédit Foncier - BPCE Group

Awards offers an end-to-end Data Science platform, on cloud or on-premise. Create and analyze all your predictive models and deploy them in real business applications (dashboard, smartapps...) based on AI within the same product.

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The energy sector deals with complex data coming from new sources like IoT. Automated machine learning can correlate multiple variables to improve the supply chain and reduce waste. 

Innovative retailers are using automated machine learning to predict consumer behavior, personalize online and off-line experiences, and optimize their supply chain operations. 

Financial services firms require highly efficient predictive analytics to empower their teams and augment their capabilities in fraud detection, credit risk scoring, and loan recovery. 

Analyzing data to identify patterns and trends is essential to the mobility industry, which has to exploit traffic and passengers data to predict potential problems and increase profitability.

Healthcare companies that opera-tionalize the use of predictive models have a significant advantage when it comes to forecasting sales, managing inventories, and knowing patients’ needs and expectations. enables companies in the media and entertainment indus-try to operationalize the use of predictive models to optimize online campaigns, generate revenue and improve customer satisfaction. 

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